TradeGecko Announces $6.5M Series A Funding!

We're thrilled to announce that we've raised Series A funding of 6.5M USD. It's an amazing time for TradeGecko, our customers and our partners!

We’re so excited. And we just can’t hide it. But we're not about to lose control (quite the opposite in fact). Having more control over how we are building our company means that we can get even better at helping you to build yours.


Our CEO Cameron is super pumped...

We’re thrilled to partner with passionate investors who share our vision of making wholesale buying as effortless as shopping on Amazon.

Get magically transported to the official press release by clicking this link.

We're so very proud of what we've built so far. Securing this funding means we can keep working on making the TradeGecko platform you know and love even better. We have many, many new features and improvements in the pipeline to further optimize the way you run your business.

TradeGecko is approaching its third birthday (please send all gifts to the author of this blog post so she can distribute them equally). Looking back on the past few years, the platform really has become something any mother would be proud of. We’ve grown like crazy - from a teeny team of three to a family of almost 60.

From our humble beginnings, when three young entrepreneurs from New Zealand set off for Singapore’s budding startup scene with nothing but a bag of clothes and a laptop, to securing significant early stage funding and a quick market uptake of our initial TradeGecko solution. Our customers now come from 100 countries and together have made transactions close to 1B USD. And all in under three years!

During our journey, we’ve had the support of great investors that truly believe in us. We have raised over USD 8M from world-class investors, including NSI Ventures, The National Research Foundation of Singapore, Golden Gate Ventures, Jungle Ventures, Wave Maker Labs and 500 Startups

Read more of our gripping story (it rivals any Fast and the Furious sequel).

We want to say a special thank you to our customers...


TradeGecko Team

Really, the only way to show our appreciation is to keep building our product to make it work better for you.

Our focus going forward, is to ensure that you get the product and the support that you need and deserve. We’re revamping our support base and getting lots of new friendly Geckos on board to help you get set up and hit the ground running. We want customers to keep focusing on growing their businesses rather than just running them.

It’s never been a better time to be a TradeGecko customer. Here’s to a long and prosperous future together!