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4 Reasons why selling software rocks

steve jobs

A few months ago, a colleague at TradeGecko and I visited the offices of a telco to negotiate them selling our software as part of a corporate business bundle. The person we met spent a fair amount of time explaining how their business works and how the salespeople divide their time selling software and mobile phones. Trying to show us how "obviously" mobile phones are easier to sell, he asked us: "what would you rather sell? Mobile phones or software?". "Software!" we said in unison.

Sure, I get how mobile phones are an object of desire and they basically sell themselves, so let's focus on why selling software rocks.

1. We learn how businesses work and we solve real life problems.

When selling software, you don't just throw facts and features at someone's face. You listen to their needs, you learn how their business works from inside and work with them to judge whether what you are selling is a good match for what they are looking for. We literally get the chance to see their companies from inside for 30 minutes and understand what their pains, needs and joys are. It is truly magical how in any given day we can be inside a cupcake shop, an auto parts seller and a pet accessories wholesale business. We offer them tools to reshape the way they do business, we bring a new routine to their business day and we make it better and enjoyable.

2. Software brings order to the anarchy that the world is today.

There is just too much information lying around, and it will only increase. In this complex world, software is what keeps boats floating and everyone's lives organized. Let's embrace that!

3. We learn how to feel empathy and work with it.

Not everyone faces setting up new processes with the same attitude. Given that we provide a cloud-based solution we get to see and understand fear and apprehension towards storing everything in the air, and not being able to press save. We learn how to get it, and how to guide people who are awesome at their business but may not be best friends with computers. And that is amazing. The feeling of someone on the other side just getting it and imagining how they will incorporate this knowledge, and then dump their whole business on a product we made is the best ever.

4.We see our customers grow.

Back to the example of selling mobile phones. When someone sells a mobile phone, that's it. They get a commission and never see their customers again. At TradeGecko we see our customers use our app, love it, live it and become successful with us. We tell their stories, they tell ours.

So, ask me again, ask me anytime. I would rather be selling software than anything else in the world. If you want to join us in the awesome world of selling software, join our Partner Program!

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