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A note from our Co-founder and CTO

TradeGecko was conceived with the purpose of helping founders take back control of their businesses, by simplifying tedious and repetitive operational tasks, surfacing valuable insights, and giving them back their time to spend on the important stuff.

We believe in empowering founders to build the business of their dreams and not get bogged down with the banality of managing complex supply chains. This year we’re focussing on getting back to basics to help provide simplicity, efficiency and automation in a time of constant change and uncertainty. Meanwhile, here are just a few of the updates on the way.

B2B, now bigger than ever.

For over six years now, the TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Platform has been the online sales channel of choice for thousands of wholesale merchants.

Over those years, we’ve strived towards understanding and constantly improving the B2B buying experience. Each storefront can be customized with personalized branding and URL, per-customer pricing and stock levels. They can also have their own built-in shipping rates and payment gateway.

With each set of improvements, we hope to make wholesale selling even easier for our merchants — and even more intuitive and delightful for their buyers. 

But we’re not done yet
With our latest improvements, we’re helping wholesalers turn abandoned carts into orders through actionable insights.

With visibility into customers dropping off mid-checkout, wholesalers can touch base to close more deals.
We’ve also added in extra customizability. Now, you can generate personalized invitation emails to customers, add retail price comparisons to your portal, and have greater control over your product filtering.

Ecosystem Enhancements

Small businesses these days rarely sell on only one channel. That’s why our native integrations and extensive APIs are constantly being enhanced to make it easier to sell across multiple channels.

This quarter, for instance, a slew of improvements have been made, including; 

  • New diagnostic dashboards for Shopify and WooCommerce provide better visibility into syncing, surfacing issues with inventory linking, API permissions, webhooks, and more.
  • An improved integration with QuickBooks Online; QBO users now enjoy a beautiful new setup flow with automated ledger account creation, as well as customised inventory data synchronisation.
  • Additional support for new APIs, plus improvements across the board.

TradeGecko Automation

TradeGecko Automation (née Connect) is THE tool for automating your sales orders and running your business more effectively and efficiently. 

As the name suggests, this platform automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It lets you take control of complex processes by automating and optimizing the order management workflow.

With TradeGecko Automation you can;

  • Create automated workflows from pre-defined templates.
  • Streamline fulfilment events, and customer communications.
  • View and manage workflows across multiple parts of your supply chain.

Other Workflow Improvements

In the next few months, you can look forward to a few more key releases:

  • Promotion Management for the B2B Platform
  • Price Break Support on the B2B Platform
  • Purchase & Manage Shipping Labels inside of TradeGecko
  • Improvements to Backordering Flows

And last, but not least…

We’ve got a new native eCommerce integration.

This time, we’ve teamed up with eBay. Thanks to our new TradeGecko-eBay integration, you can soon keep your commerce engine running and drive orders by selling on eBay—without taking your foot off the pedal.


Stay tuned for more updates or check out our product updates page

We hope you and your loved ones are safe, wherever you are.
Co-founder & CTO