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SME Success Series part one: Digital Transformation

Last night was the official kick off event for the TradeGecko-Xero SME Success Series in Singapore. We’ve teamed up to run a four-part event series to help Singapore’s SMEs get the most out of working in the cloud. 

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TradeGecko and Xero team up to help Singapore’s SMEs ‘Go-Digital’. Our shared goal was to empower small businesses with information about the online tools and techniques they can use to go-digital.

SME_Success_Series_Team.jpgEach session will focus on a different aspect of working in the cloud.

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Cloud Connectivity
  3. Mobility Movement
  4. Customisation

There’s a lot of talk about how digital transformation is crucial for all businesses to remain competitive and relevant as the world becomes increasingly technology driven. But many small businesses have some big concerns.

Is the cloud safe? What are the real benefits? Is it worth the effort?

TradeGecko Founder Cameron Priest and Xero’s Managing Director, Asia Alex Campbell were joined by Jeremy Tan who founded one of our amazing customers, Paula’s Choice Singapore to answer these questions.Digital_Transformation_Panel.jpg

Starting with the basics, the panel went on to discuss what types of initiatives Singapore’s government was launching to support SMEs to go-digital, as well as considering the hurdles currently standing in their way.

The small business attendees listened to how a digital transformation could not only save them time and money, but drive efficiencies in their business to propel real success.

View the event presentation slides: 

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