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New feature: email templates for the holidays

Happy Holidays! We're rolling out email templating & theming to help you customize and keep your branding and communications with your customers and business relationships consistent.

A big part of what we've been investing in is distilling everything we learn from our customers, our partners and from the wider public into building a great product experience. One of the things we have learnt along the way, internally and from our customers, is that communication and consistent branding is so important for a company.

We have a cool new feature that we really believe will improve the way your customers see and interact with your brand, Email Templates. It will be rolled out to everyone on Small Business plans and above over the coming weeks. You can now customize the text, language and the design of all of the communications that get sent out from within TradeGecko to your business relationships in a way that can be consistent across your entire team.

Email Templating is going to give you the ability to create emails like this:


Or these:

Screenshot 2014-12-23 14.12.44Screenshot 2014-12-23 14.10.10Screenshot 2014-12-23 14.11.14

(We don't recommend that last one. But it's possible!)

But, what exactly is going on with these emails?

First up, we have the new design (The first one is the default theme - without our logo!). We have created a much cleaner email layout and in the near future, we will be rolling out the ability for Small Business plans and above to customise the header with your own company colors and logo.

Secondly, we have overhauled the content of the email, it now includes contextual information based on the document you are sending your business relationships.

What does this mean for your TradeGecko account?

Well, at the moment you can send your business relationships 5 types of emails:

  • Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Shipment
  • Purchase Order

Each email is now customized to provide specific data to your customers, based on the email type and the actual content. For example, an email about “Sales Order #H1-Y0U-4R3-GR347” will contain information about that order. Details such as issue date, payment status, notes and even the individual line items can be included.

Furthermore, for those of you who support multiple languages and even have multiple companies in one TradeGecko account, we have added the ability to create multiple templates for each email type! These will be rolled out to our customers on the Business plan and above in the coming weeks.

I've been working on this for several months, it was actually part of my interview process and I have really enjoyed working on it with some of the Gecko customers. I am so proud of this feature and I can’t wait to get you all using it and to hear all of your feedback. We hope you love it!

Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year! Good luck with those holiday sales!

- Lachlan - TradeGecko Engineer

p.s if you'd like early access drop us an email at

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