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First Shopify Meetup in Christchurch New Zealand

TradeGecko teamed up with Zyber to host the first Shopify Meetup in Christchurch on Wednesday, 25th October 2017. There was a great turnout for this first event, with over 75 attendees including many eCommerce and wholesale businesses learning about how to prepare your business and increase sales during seasonal sales periods.

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Talib Richardson from Shopify was up first to speak about how they make commerce better for everyone by powering 500,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world. They are seeing 52% growth coming from Oceania and announced Shopify Payments launching in New Zealand. The second half of Talia's presentation was how to prepare your ecommerce business for the holiday season, illustrating how a massive spike in orders can impact your business from holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Promotions are one way to help encourage sales, so Talia ran through some great examples such as offering discounts, limited time / quantity offers, gifts with purchase, and sharing the love by donating to charity. Talia finished up by announcing a few recent Shopify updates such as being able to sell directly through instagram, theme editor updates, sharable discount links, shop codes and Google autocomplete.

Yi-Wei Ang represented TradeGecko by talking about the problems our software solves, to enable every commerce entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams. From our humble beginnings, to now helping over 15,000 users from over 90 countries around the world, it is an inspiring startup success story about a tool which helps brands grow. Attendees were also interested to hear about how TradeGecko complements and seamlessly integrates with their Shopify store to help them keep track of stock across different locations, manage multiple stores in different currencies / languages. Merchants can also create purchase orders, stocktake, track costs and view finances, all from the one app. New Zealand company, Blunt Umbrellas, are a great example of how our customers use TradeGecko to manage their B2C and B2B orders, by connecting into their online stores and fulfilment providers.

Leonard Garcia-Curtis from Zyber concluded the presentations for the first Shopify Meetup in Christchurch by educating the audience on how to get ready for the upcoming holiday sales season. With over 25% of revenue generally taking place over the holiday period, it is worth taking time to plan your strategy to maximise sales and continue the momentum after the holiday rush. Ideas such as post purchase offers, bundles and discounts were suggested as the most popular ways to upsell, And Leo suggested a few post-purchase strategies too.

Tricks for tailoring your ecommerce store:

  1. Add a custom logo for every holiday season
  2. Offer a discount in the headline to attract attention
  3. Add a countdown timer to create urgency
  4. Include multiple buy now boxes to capture the sale
  5. Include testimonials and quality badges to build trust and credibility


We would like to thank the other sponsors involved with this first Shopify Meetup in Christchurch:

  • Hasan Steele - StarShipIt
  • Gary Rolloff - Laybuy
  • Russ Thomas - Vyne
  • George Diep - Paymark


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