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The TradeGecko platform - inventory and order management API

At TradeGecko our entire application is developed as an Ember.js client-side Javascript application that talks to our Ruby on Rails API (application programming interface). Wooooh - mouthful.

Whilst that technical jargon won't mean much to a lot of our customers, what it does mean is that we have an awesome platform that we use internally to develop our application on top of, and soon we're going to be releasing access to that platform to allow you (or anyone in your team, or that you can find to hire) to develop whatever you like on top of the TradeGecko Open Inventory and Ordering Platform.

To give you an idea of what will be possible with the TradeGecko platform; we just recently worked with a couple of our customers to develop an application that enables them to invite their customers into a small online order management app that sits on top of TradeGecko.

Codename Iguana or "Let's kill the Fax, Phone & SMS"

We kept hearing from our Wholesale and Distribution customers that they were spending hours every single day, managing and entering phone, fax and even SMS orders from their customer base. This manual process is a good example of the exact problems that we're trying to fix here at TradeGecko.

Worked closely with a couple of these customers and using the TradeGecko Platform we were quickly able to develop a really easy-to-use (admittedly basic) wholesale order management application. This application, (code-named Iguana) allows you as a TradeGecko customer to create a portal to invite your customers to log in and place orders online. You can use your TradeGecko username details to create the portal, then easily invite your customers to log on and start placing orders, these orders will then be pushed directly into your TradeGecko account.

Magic! No more need for fax, phone or sms ordering!

(If this Wholesale order management application sounds interesting to you, let us know and we can get you early access! - email me)

Make and sell integrated Apps in the TradeGecko App store

What else can you do with the TradeGecko Open Inventory and Ordering Platform?

Well, you will soon be able to develop and sell custom applications that sit on top of the TradeGecko platform within the TradeGecko App Store to all of our customers. Also, if you need to scratch an itch for your business by developing a custom integration with the TradeGecko inventory and ordering API, you can also then choose to release that application and make some money (or give it away for free) to other TradeGecko users.

Develop Custom Integrations with your existing software

Develop custom reports, plug TradeGecko into your CRM or integrate with your decade's old Point-of-sale, if you can integrate your existing systems with a web-service it will be possible to integrate it with TradeGecko's platform API.

Build a world-class custom e-commerce shop

Another example of utilising the TradeGecko Platform is the work some of our current customers are doing building beautiful custom e-commerce frontends on top of the TradeGecko Platform. There are advantages and disadvantages of going completely custom when developing your online store. But by using the TradeGecko Platform as the backend we can take care of all the nitty gritty inventory, ordering, purchasing, fulfillment, warehouse management, etc., side of the development, enabling you to develop your own custom shop from scratch with all the custom functionality you want.

Hope that gives a brief summary of what to expect from the TradeGecko Platform that will be going live soon, if you'd like early access please email me or get in touch with one of the TradeGecko team.