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Meet the product team at TradeGecko: improving our product one interview at a time

A Canadian, a Russian, and an Indonesian walk into a room. There’s no punchline here, I’m telling you about TradeGecko’s weekly product team meeting. They’re joined by several more colleagues (a Malaysian, an Australian, and two Singaporeans), and the full product team gets to work. And for part of that work, they want to interview you! Yes, you.

At TradeGecko we like to say: “we hear you!” and “let us know what you think!” You’ll see it throughout our site and in our content. Well, that’s true. When we say we’re listening, our product team is literally, listening; whether it’s at odd hours on Singapore-time on a Skype call or throughout an in-person or remote user experience test.

This is just one of the many things they do to improve TradeGecko’s product and the user’s experience with it. Now, they want to hear even more.

The role of the product team

So, before telling you how to get in touch, let’s talk about one thing: what does the product team actually do? Aside from their varied individual technical tasks, they listen. And they take what they hear and turn it into improvements to TradeGecko.

They conduct usability tests, customer interviews, office visits to learn more about businesses, and other surveys, then analyze those results and turn them into updates that make our product even better.

TradeGecko Product Team

The main goal? To advocate for our customers and identify pain points in user workflows so that those can be addressed in product updates. They work on keeping product releases small so that they can gather early feedback and tailor updates to your needs.

They are all about the customer, which is where you (oh, small to medium business owner) come in. They really want to hear from you. They have a tendency to get lonely if they’re not talking to at least 10 customers a week. Don’t make our product team feel lonely, please.

Tell them the good, the not-so-good, the downright ugly: there’s no detail too small.

The research

The Product team recently sent out a survey to a section of our users for feedback and now they’re recruiting additional users to interview in one of two categories. If you fit into one of them, please reach out and be part of the product user interview experience!

They are looking for:

Current TradeGecko users ready to get really hands-on with our product development and to make your opinions and suggestions heard. By letting us study your business processes and needs, you’ll be directly contributing to make your TradeGecko experience better.

And users new to TradeGecko: if you don’t currently use TradeGecko and have never trialed it, but are a small to medium eCommerce/hybrid business that is selling on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce or BigCommerce, get in touch and get a free month of TradeGecko in return for your feedback!

To participate, contact our product team here.

They will be conducting interviews with both of these groups to see our product through both an experienced user and a new user lens.

The team

Behind every great product is a team dedicated to making it greater. This is ours:

Product Marketing Manager Katrina
Product Marketing Manager Katrina

Small but feisty, this Malaysian-born Australian is our sole Product Marketing Manager. You will often find her asking (too) many questions (Katrina-Rapid-Fire) - out of curiosity. Her time is spent obsessively speaking to and understanding customers. She loves digging into reason and is also known to be a digital stalker ‘walking-Linked-In’.

Katrina’s interview style is narrative-driven - she swears by Steve Blank’s Customer Development Methodology.


Product Manager Yi-Wei
Product Manager Yi Wei

“Talk less, do more” is the mantra he lives by. Jovial and witty, the Malaysian-born Product Manager has an academic background in Industrial Engineering focusing on Human Centred Design. He has also lived in seven cities over the last 12 years. ‘How to create products customers love’ by Marty Cagan is his favourite Product Management book.

He specialises in our onboarding experience, so you can send feedback to him about it!


Product Manager Evgeny
Product Manager Evgeny

Holding a PhD in Robotics/Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (bla bla) from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Evgeny champions at being analytical and ever-striving for excellence in not only the Product Management practice but in every aspect of living (from his protein-heavy diet to obsession with cats).

Be sure to speak to him about our Intelligence feature!


UX Strategist Naning
UX Strategist Naning

She is our instant-noodles-loving, house-slippers-wearing User Experience Strategist. Naning, of Indonesian descent, is motivated by people; she enjoys understanding different points of view and is always curious about ‘why people do what they do’. She spends (too much) time on TV shows and video games, a habit which she thinks contributes to her social awkward/shy-ness.

Naning interviews about almost everything, mainly about our core features.


Data Analyst Kenneth

Possibilities are limitless. This Singaporean chap is always thinking of ideas on improving his surroundings by using data. ‘With some hacking and analysis, you pretty much can find the answer to many questions’ Kenneth affirms. In his free time, you can find him wandering around in the mountains (with a chainsaw).


Data Analyst Lucas

Known around the office as Mister Nice Guy, Lucas our Data Analyst, stems from a social sciences background. He assisted in establishing the data infrastructure at TradeGecko and spends most of his time questioning taken-for-granted assumptions. His go-to outlet is rockclimbing.


Head of Product Graham

“Stop starting, start finishing” are the wise words this semi-coherent sage often espouses. Equally comfortable in the boardroom as he is in front of a whiteboard, Graham spends much of his time asking plenty of questions and following up with even more questions.

A student of Kanban, analytics, and human computer interactivity, he is always looking for new ways to explore new solutions to old problems. He is often found having a hard time explaining Canadian humo(u)r to curious Singaporeans.

As you can see our major roles are product owners, user experience strategists, product marketers and data analysts. If you want to fill one of these roles for TradeGecko, check out our careers section for more information.

Constant evolution

Our product team is a constantly evolving entity that isn’t content with staying still. They’re all about redefining themselves over and over again, which translates into redefining and improving our product over and over again. Their main goal is to make TradeGecko better based on what you, our customers and potential users, say.

Ready to share your thoughts about TradeGecko with one of the above-mentioned members of our product team?

Get in touch to be interviewed by Naning, Katrina, Evgeny or Yi Wei: complete this survey.

Participate in an interview with us and see first hand that we mean it when we say, in all sincerity: we hear you.


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