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Meet the TradeGecko support team and their latest achievements

Since TradeGecko’s inception in 2012, we have seen a steady growth in customer love in terms of compliments and fan mail from customers and partners alike.

And in view of our company culture of keeping information transparent with our customers, we think that an update on customer support is due.

This is a great chance to get to know better the friendly Support Team (that mostly work behind the scenes), and have a look at how far we've come, and the changes we have introduced to provide you with a higher level of service.

Customer Support Update - TradeGecko Customer Acquisition Rate

Before we delve into the 'serious' stuff, here's a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to all our phenomenal customers! After all, what is TradeGecko without you? And, we cannot emphasise further just how much your feedback and enquiries mean to us!

Most of the system improvements and new features launched were based on your comments and business needs, and this all goes towards our effort in building and growing your business.

March Updates

Customer Support Update - March 2014 Statistics

Overall in March 2014, we received a 94% satisfaction rating from our customers with an average first reply time on our end of 17.3 hours. The number of requests and queries (aka 'tickets' in bland industry speak) we received in March came close to 2,500. The rise in queries was in line with the increase in number of trial accounts created (making up 40% of the enquiries), and the steady growth of our company.

Other major contributions include the addition of the new User Permissions feature on our online inventory management system and the launch of our amazing Mobile Sales App that is currently available on the Apple AppStore. There was also a sizeable portion of enquiries coming from one glitch that affected most of our UTC-08:00 to UTC-10:00 customers on 26 March 2014, where orders could not be fulfilled for a good 3 to 4 hours. Boy, that was a crunch time, but no worries, we pulled through and have learnt from the experience.

April Updates

Customer Support Update - April 2014 Statistics

In April, we made adjustments to our working hours for the Geckos in the Support Team, and this significantly improved our response rate – the team put in hours during weekends and our average first reply time decreased by 20% to 13.9 hours with a satisfaction rating of 92%. Our total number of tickets for the month was approximately 2,250.

Meet the team behind it

The entire Support, Success, and Sales teams count for no more than eight Geckos, along with our co-founders – the Prime Geckos.

Of course, in our competitive yet nurturing environment, we would love to acknowledge our Top Three Ticketeers. If you have submitted an enquiry to TradeGecko via our feedback tab, email, Facebook, Twitter or in app support, you may have come across their correspondence.

TradeGecko Customer Support Update - Gecko Ticketeers
From left to right: Faz, YX, Elijah

Champion: Yixiang Zhuo @YX loves pizza and rum. He is a Lannister at heart – he always repays his debts.

The 1st Runner-up: Fazri Sapri @Faz loves skateboarding, drumming and everything extreme. He is the TradeGecko sweetheart.

The 2nd Runner-up: Elijah Yong @Elijah Wood loves Subway’s Chicken Bacon Ranch without jalapeño and olives, with Italian ranch & a shot of Mayonnaise.

Besides giving each other a modest pat on the back (and a round of drinks, anyone?) for improvement shown in customer support, we are constantly training, upgrading, and on the lookout for ideas to get back to you faster and with quality service.

We are also in the midst of hiring Weekend Warriors and Nocturnal Knights to serve you better in spite of time differences and geographic limitations. We estimate the Nocturnal Knights to be ready for battle by June 2014.

Are you ready for a better Support Team at TradeGecko?