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New feature release: Automation

TradeGecko customers can now create workflows to automatically run frequent, repeated tasks on sales orders and fulfillments with the all new, rebranded Automation.

Previously known as TradeGecko Connect, it was politely buried in our App Store and yet it remained as one of our more popular, highly-installed features. After receiving positive feedback from our customers about TradeGecko Connect, we decided to improve the experience, give it better visibility (it's now sitting under "Sales Orders"!) and rebrand it to something more accurate: Automation.

What is Automation?

Automation enables you to build and customize sales order workflows to:

  1. Route Orders to different Warehouses based on Stock Levels or different Locations
  2. Add Line Items to Orders such as Products, Discounts, and Shipping.
  3. Send Email and Slack Notifications to Customers or your Team Members.
  4. Add Tags and Notes to Orders and Relationships.
  5. Send Invoices, Pack Orders and create Fulfillments.

TradeGecko Automation

How does Automation help my business?

Our goal at TradeGecko is to optimize your business operations as much as possible, and to help you save time. We're starting with Sales Orders and Fulfillments by enabling you to:

  • Reduce manual work and focus on growing your business. No more energy wasted on doing repeated tasks.
  • Built for businesses with multiple warehouses and expanding operations. Create fulfillments on orders globally using advanced order routing. Route orders to be fulfilled from warehouse locations based on region or available stock. Assign orders to a fall-back warehouse of your choice, if the warehouse closest to them is running low.
  • Automated communication with customers and your team members. Build and retain customer confidence with instant and accurate order and shipping confirmation emails and invoices. Keep your team working efficiently with emails and Slack messages to keep track of tasks.

Sounds great! How do I start?

You can either start by creating your own workflow, or use any of our 21 pre-built templates:TradeGecko Automation

They are:

  1. Add Discount for New B2B eCommerce Platform Customers
  2. Add Free Shipping on Sales Orders based on Total Cost
  3. Add Free Gift Line Item To Shopify Orders Over $100
  4. Add Free Shipping on Sales Orders over $1000
  5. Add Tags to Trade Show Orders
  6. Add Tags to Order Based on SKU
  7. Add Tags to Customer
  8. Assign Team Member to B2B eCommerce Platform Orders
  9. Assign Shopify Orders to Warehouse by Region
  10. Create Fulfillment upon Order Finalization
  11. Email Team Member when High Value Customer Orders
  12. Email Team member with Payment Notification
  13. Email to Notify Customer of Order Status
  14. Email Customer when Order is Shipped
  15. Invoice Only Items with Stock Available
  16. Notify Assigned Team Member of Shippable Order
  17. Notify Team on Slack when Order Shipped
  18. Route Order to Fallback Warehouse if Stock is Low
  19. Send Sales Order Invoice
  20. Tag Orders with Low Stock and Alert Team Member
  21. When Order not Fully Shippable, Partially Pack and Re-Route

Our easy to use templates also come with separate instructions for your convenience. When you access a template, you will be greeted with input fields that allows you to customize:

TradeGecko Automation

Once you hit Save, you should see something like this:

TradeGecko Automation

Your template is now all set to be used!

Are you ready to automate your workflows?

Start a free trial today and experience the relief with the lack of manual, repeated tasks.