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New feature release: B2B Customer Groups

You can now create Customer Groups in TradeGecko - a great way to organise customers that share similar settings.

Introducing Customer Groups: a new feature that improves the organization of your customers. Want to organise your wholesale customers based in Singapore? You can do so by creating a new Customer Group, name it "Singapore Wholesalers", and assign your relevant customers to that group.

product-customer-groupsHow does it help my business?

  • Improve internal efficiencies by easily organising your growing customer-base.
  • Speed up the process of managing how every Customer Group sees and purchases from their product catalogue.
  • Run reports using Customer Groups as a report grouping property and filter in Intelligence.

How does it work?

Under the Relationships tab in TradeGecko, there is now a new section called "Customer Groups". Selecting a Customer Group will inherit the shared settings defined on the group-level.

By segmenting relationships into Customer Groups, you can manage customers with shared settings like Pricing, Discount Rates, and Payment Terms, MOV altogether in one go.



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