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New feature release: B2B Promo Codes

TradeGecko B2B Merchants can now provide their customers with a greater incentive to purchase from their stores with our new B2B Promo Codes feature.

Why are promo codes so popular? Aside from customers feeling like they scored a great deal, merchants also benefit from generating more revenue i.e win-win for both parties! To empower our B2B Merchants further, we're introducing a spanking new feature: B2B Promo Codes.

What is it?

TradeGecko B2B Merchants can now send their customers a promo code, that they can apply to their cart upon check-out. This will be in the form of a percentage discount, taken off the entire cart. They can decide which customers can redeem the code, how many times, and an expiry date for the promotion.

How does it help my business?

  • Drive greater urgency for your customers to complete a purchase on your B2B store.
  • Capture more sales from your wholesale customers.
  • Good incentive for your customers to purchase because you're providing them with a better pricing option with a promo code.
  • Increase loyalty from your customers, in the midst of a competitive industry with many other distributors hunting for your customer's business.

Where do I find this spanking new feature?

Navigate to the new section in the B2B eCommerce Platform called B2B Tools. This is where the new Promotions feature will be found. From the B2B Dashboard, you can navigate to the Store Viewer - “View Store As”, and then select B2B Tools in the top right corner.

This section will continue to expand as we add new functionality.


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