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New feature release: Google Analytics for your B2B store

With TradeGecko's new Google Analytics feature for your B2B eCommerce store, you can now get a better understanding and deeper insights into your customers’ behavior.

The Google Analytics plugin is available to customers subscribed to the Business plan and above, or our suite of Advanced B2B features including data plugins are available as an add-on to lower plans for USD 125/month.

Leveraging customer analytics can help drive customer acquisition, revenue, and sales growth - not to mention employing the data to see if it matches your company’s strategy. With TradeGecko's newest plugin, you are now enabled to do so!

What is it?

It's a Google Analytics plugin built by TradeGecko that can be enabled on your B2B eCommerce Store. You will be able to track your store activities such as:

  • Page visits and bounce rate
  • Time spent in-store per page
  • Traffic sources and acquisition to optimize ad spend
  • Real-time user behavior on site
  • Device and Geography breakdown of customers
  • Customer cohort analysis
  • eCommerce analytics such as revenue tracking, product performance; pre-checkout conversion funnel, and checkout conversion funnel.

How does it work?

You would first need to set up your Google Analytics account, if you haven't done so. Once that's done, you can connect your Google Analytics account to your B2B eCommerce store under "B2B Tools".

Google Analytics Plugin by TradeGecko

Click here to read a more detailed guide on how to connect your Google Analytics account to your B2B eCommerce store!

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