TRADEGECKO   |   1 minute read

New product filtering feature for faster inventory searching

TradeGecko's new awesome feature - Filters. This is going to change the way you view and search for data in the system, with more flexibility and controls - all for the better of course.

Now all TradeGecko users can access and customise their filter settings further with the new Filters feature!

You won't have to end up tearing your hair out in frustration because you can't seem to locate that particular sales order or group of contacts with specific statuses and conditions anymore.

We provide more filter choices and you can create and save as many filters as you want from the different settings and combinations. This paves the way for more streamlined searches and efficiency in viewing your data.

The new Filters feature is extremely intuitive to use, and gives you flexibility in terms of choosing and combining various settings to pick out the particular bunch of information you're looking for.

Log in to your account now and check out the Inventory, Relationships, Sales Orders, or Stock Control segments, where you can filter your data with more control and precision.

We promise you will enjoy locating your needle in the haystack with our super convenient Filters feature.

TradeGecko New Filters Feature