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New feature release: B2B Promo Codes

Wholesalers using the TradeGecko B2B Platform can now send their customers a Promo Code which they can apply to their cart upon check-out.

The B2B Promo Codes feature is available to customers subscribed to the Business plan and above (on new pricing plans) or as an add-on on to lower plans for USD 125/month.

What do wholesale eCommerce customers want?

Any survey or feedback loop will show that unsurprisingly B2B customers have the same expectations and requirements as their B2C counterparts.

That’s why we are working on a whole suite of new features to support our wholesale merchant selling on the TradeGecko B2B platform. Customers like special offers, so with our new B2B Promotions feature our merchants can now provide their customers with a one-time, expiring discount for their B2B store.

How does it work?

  • TradeGecko merchants can create and send a Promo Code to their customers - which they can apply to their cart upon check-out.
  • This comes in the form of a percentage discount that can be applied to the buyer’s cart upon check-out.

TradeGecko B2B Promo Codes

TradeGecko B2B Promo Codes

Why use it?

  • Simple user experience.
  • The customer can simply apply the code during checkout in order to claim the discount.
  • Drive urgency for customers to make purchases, and increase their cart size.
  • The overall aim is for our B2B merchants to experience an increase in their conversion rate and orders.

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