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New TradeGecko mobile sales app - now available

Your business, mobile. TradeGecko Mobile - Sales Rep Ordering & Mobile Catalog is our new product, off the "development shelves". It is a convenient, effortless specially designed mobile app for sales people to get orders on the road with the backing of our online inventory management software.

Powered by TradeGecko, this mobile ordering app seeks to improve the sales process for wholesalers and even retailers, eliminating:

  • the lack of synchronization between product catalogs and stocks
  • the time wasted on creating product catalogs by copy-pasting information from the inventory management system
  • the energy wasted on inputting sales orders when the sales rep are back in the office.

Here’s what you benefit from using the TradeGecko mobile sales app:

Sell On The Go

This mobile ordering app and mobile catalog is ideal for wholesale or retail sales people to sell on the go.

Basically, it enables your sales team to present every single product in your inventory with pictures and details and allows you to take orders on the spot that sync back with your inventory. Its beautiful mobile catalog, always updated in the pocket of your sales rep allows smooth orders to be taken, processed, emailed and finalized on the spot.

If you are in a showroom or at a tradeshow surrounded by a few demo products and you have a potential customer pointing he wants to order 1000 SKUs of "that thing", you can use the mobile ordering app barcode scanner to find the product in front of you in on your catalog, check the stock you have on it and fulfill the order.

mobile sales app

Get rid of technology hassle and printing waste

No one needs to scramble to set up presentations on laptops or flip through bulky sales catalogs during meetings with distributors. All products are pulled automatically from your inventory, with all their details, directly in the mobile catalog. Like this you always have the updated version - you will never sell products out of stock anymore. And you will have it all in a beautiful presentation that you don't have to work on anymore.

Also, you don't need to depend on internet connectivity when going mobile. The app can be synced when you leave the office, used for sales and then synced again when back to the office. This simple solution in the form of a mobile app allows you to work offline, syncs data with the TradeGecko inventory management software when you’re back online, and is as portable as it can get.

Manage Customer Relationships

It also gives you access to your all-times list of customers and enables you to add new customers that you meet at tradeshows or in the showroom.

The mobile ordering app keeps records of all sales orders entered and grants access to existing customers and all their information. Stay on top of your customers’ needs and requests because you can refer to, review, and finalize quotes, orders, and invoices anytime, anywhere.

In addition, you can also manage interactions and update customer details under the ‘Customers’ section of the app that functions like a basic Customer Relationship Management system.

mobile sales app2

Check Performance Indicators

Sales managers can also view the performance of individual sales reps because they can track sales orders created and monitor updates on purchases from TradeGecko's online software.

Enjoy the Ease of Use

The beauty of the app lies in its intuitive user interface and straightforward functions. It does not carry the whole spectrum of the TradeGecko online inventory management software features because it is intended to be an uncomplicated and simple fix for sales people.

It's On The House

We understand that cost ($$$) is most likely your first point of consideration when contemplating the integration of a solution for your business. The thing is, our mobile app is free of charge! As long as you have an existing paid TradeGecko account, the application is free for you and all your team members to download for usage across all iOS devices.

Is your team ready to go out and sell now?

Equip them quickly with TradeGecko Mobile Catalog & Mobile Ordering App (free download available on the app store), sit back and watch your stocks going down while they sell to your distributors during the meetings and presentations, and replenish back your running-out stocks from suppliers by using TradeGecko inventory management system.

Download it from the Apple App Store now

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