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Control how your team accesses your inventory management software

TradeGecko's newest feature - User Permissions - hot off the Development Team's keyboards! Your feedback came through and we worked on it. Now, we are all set to push this function out to you.

We understand your need for privacy settings, entering varying access levels, and having differing engagement levels with the system for each and every individual member in your team.

Ever had the experience where someone new to the team pokes around highly confidential and sensitive company information and then accidentally screws it up? How about the time when your Sales people and your Inventory folks got confused over the data because everyone in the company made a change or two to it? No more! No more of those accidents.

TradeGecko User Permissions enable account administrators to streamline processes and specify job tasks even further with the system. You can now access and manage User Permissions on the TradeGecko platform in the 'Invite Your Team' and then 'Team Members' tab.

User Permissions

The process is fairly straightforward so try it out for your account now to turn different sections on or off for different team members using the Read & Write, Read Only, or No Access options for each section.

With User Permissions, you can protect certain information, eliminate confusion regarding data in the company, and allow your team members to focus better on their specific tasks. This adds another level of control when you use our system.

Also, User Permissions is super easy to manage, it takes less than a minute to enter the access levels for each team member - just pick an option from our drop down menu. If you need more information, check out our Support Article that outlines specific steps to manage this function.

Now go forth and conquer, geckos!