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Our new web site is here! Along with other exciting launches

Seeing that this space has been rather quiet lately, you may have wondered what we've been up to. Now that the wait is over, we have tremendously exciting news to share with you.


New TradeGecko website

Surprise! We nuked the old front site from space and started building something new with a funky fresh design.

Our site now presents a smoother navigation - it's so much easier for you to find information and keep up to date on important news and system upgrades.

You can also locate resources such as our Knowledge Base and eBooks sections with ease, giving you better access to expert opinions and best practices when it comes to supply chain and inventory management.

Additional information provided such as the Getting Started Page and Product Tour also gives new visitors a great overview on how TradeGecko can improve the way they run their business. 

The user experience is now as intuitive and easy as digging into a tub of Ben & Jerry's with a metal spoon - dig in!

Product updates

Multiple sales channels

You can now connect multiple Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and Amazon accounts to one TradeGecko account.

This means that you have the option of integrating multiple different sales channels and/or multiple accounts from the same channel with your TradeGecko account. These different channels and accounts can all pull information from the same inventory.

You no longer need to create additional TradeGecko accounts to allow all your eCommerce portals access to your stock information.


This feature saves you an enormous amount of time and manual work. The days of consolidating information from the different aspects of your business are over!

Pulling data from one account to another would be done automatically and your separate sales channels all have access to updated product and stock information on TradeGecko.

Link up your multiple sales channels to TradeGecko from our app store. This feature is available for customers subscribed to our Business Plan and above.

If you need more information or a step-by-step guide, check out our Support Article - Multi Channels.

Early access to QuickBooks Online and BigCommerce add-ons

You heard that right!


With the TradeGecko - QuickBooks Online integration, all inventory and order management activities are synced with your finances automatically. This rules out any instances of you entering accounting figures in manually, saving you time and reducing double handling errors.

As for the TradeGecko - Bigcommerce integration, the seamless sync between your inventory and e-Commerce store means that stock levels will always be up-to-date. With sales orders data pull through automatically and updating your inventory, you will never experience stockouts again and disappoint customers again.

Want to be the first few to try out a beta version of the QuickBooks Online or BigCommerce TradeGecko add-on? Drop us an email at We would love to hear your feedback.