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Product Update: March 2015

March has been big. Jeremy Clarkson, One Direction and Europe's biggest solar eclipse may have hit the headlines, but it’s also been a whirlwind of a quarter in the Geckosphere.

We've launched new featuresnew add-ons, a shiny new websiteproduct updates and also revealed the biggest supply chain trend of 2015.

Now that's lot of news to digest but, don't worry, we've put together a quick summary of what your Geckos have been working hard on to meet your every inventory need and desire:

1. QuickBooks Online Add-on (Beta)

Our QuickBooks Online integration is now available in beta.

With the deployment of our recent TradeGecko-QuickBooks Online integration, you now have more options when it comes to managing your accounts via TradeGecko.

The TradeGecko-QuickBooks Online integration automatically manages and synchronizes your inventory, purchasing, stock control, online and offline sales.

Read this overview for more information and get started with this handy integration guide.

2. Bigcommerce Add-on (Beta)


You can now have early access to our integration with Bigcommerce

TradeGecko synchronizes stock level changes, order statuses, payment statuses and other product attributes such as size and colour, with any changes made in Bigcommerce. All changes are updated in real-time. Orders that are cancelled will also be automatically made void in TradeGecko.

For more information on the Bigcommerce integration read this informative overview and start your installation process with this guide.

3. Returns Feature

You can now create a return on a sales order. Once you have created an order and a shipment has been made (and preferably an invoice created), you will have the option to create a return!

To find out more on on this uber-handy new functionality, read this article on creating and managing returns on TradeGecko!

4. Private B2B eCommerce Portal

Our Private B2B eCommerce Portal has levelled up! 

You can can now publish products in bulk as well as invite your customers to your portal in bulk. So not only is the store useful to display your products online, it’s also quick and easy to use!

We have also updated the invitation email your customer will receive when you invite them to the portal, the login page for your customer to use as well as the user interface; you can now manage your administrative needs via the main app.

Read this guide for more information on using the Private B2B e-Commerce Portal.

5. Multi-Channel Capability

You can now set up multiple channels for each of your eCommerce integrations on the main app. If you're on the Business or Business Premium plans, you can integrate your TradeGecko account with more than one of the same type of store (such as 2 Shopify stores or 3 Amazon stores).

Connecting and syncing sales and inventory data across multiple eCommerce stores and marketplaces is now a breeze to manage.

Find out more in this detailed article on multi channels.

6. Bulk Actions

You now have the option to use bulk actions to manage your inventory, relationships, sales orders and stock control.

This capability allows you to publish variants in bulk, manage update company relationships in bulk, view invoices in bulk - the list goes on!

For more information on how to optimize how you use bulk actions to manage your inventory, read this article.

You are always on our minds, you are always on our miiiinds...


That’s all folks, but fear not, you’ll be hearing from your Geckos with updates and announcements often. So stay tuned! 

From the Team at TradeGecko we hope you’ve had a wonderful first quarter of 2015.