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Product update - new features & tweaks

Hello again everybody, I hope you're all as excited for World Lizard day tomorrow as we are. (Also shout out to all the left-hander's on world left-handers day today :))

As promised here’s this fortnight’s rundown of what’s new in your TradeGecko system.

1. Column Selector

One of our most common requests has been to ask for is an extra column here and there on the index pages. Instead of us deciding for you, we've added the new column selector to let you choose what details are most important to you.

You can now pick and choose columns that show up in your Inventory, Relationships, Sales Orders, and Stock Control pages.

If you see anything there you think we might have missed, let us know!

2. Brand Spanking New Product Importer

We’ve completely revamped our product spreadsheet importer, so new users will find it easier to follow the steps outlined for the process. We also provide more insight to help you clean up their data if there are any issues.

3. Customizing Document Names

As the first step towards giving you more control over your documents, we now allow you to customize the title of your outgoing documents.
Is it legally an Invoice or a Tax Invoice in your country? Now you can easily tweak it.

TradeGecko product update

Just follow these steps to edit your document titles.

4. Sales Report By Brand

We currently provide a series of sectioned Sales Reports, such as Sales by Company, Sales by Product, Sales by Channel, and so forth. We now offer you a Sales By Brand Report as well to give you insight into your best and worst performing brands.

5. Integration Logs Cleanup

We’ve made some massive cleanups to the error messages provided by our third party integrations. This is to let you know ASAP when things are going wrong, while making to easier for you to diagnose and troubleshoot errors - no more confusion over why certain data isn’t syncing!

6. Push SOs & POs To Xero In Multiple Currencies

We’ve been testing out an upgrade to our Xero integration for a couple of months now to push Invoices through in the raw invoiced currency rather than converting values into their base currency first. As of last week, this is the default for all users.

However, if any existing user would like to revert the change we can make it possible, just reach out by dropping us an email at

That’s it for now!

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