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TradeGecko integrates with Magento; Xero updates & more

In addition to our constantly updated changelog we’re going to start posting product updates here every fortnight (or so) to help TradeGecko users like yourself keep a finger on the pulse of the system.

This week, we have a couple of doozies:

1. TradeGecko - Magento Integration

Inventory management has now been solved for Magento users – this week we rolled out an integration with the popular open-source e-Commerce platform.

The TradeGecko – Magento integration seamlessly connects your Magento sales and product information with your TradeGecko orders and inventory.

We’ll automatically update your inventory and stock levels whenever a customer places an order on your e-Commerce store, eliminating manual busy work, double selling, and stock outs.

You can read more on how the integration works here, or connect your Magento account now by following these steps.

2. Improvements to the TradeGecko – Xero Integration

Introducing Ledger Accounts

You can now link as many Xero Ledger Accounts (Chart of Accounts) into TradeGecko as you like.

You can send different Xero account codes to different Sales Invoices and even assign them to different line items of a single Invoice.

Check out this support article for more details on using Ledger accounts.

Xero Settings Redesign

We’ve also redesigned the Xero settings page to make it easier to use and give you better insight into what data gets pushed where on Xero, check out the new design today.

TradeGecko - Xero updates

3. Importing Customers

As of last week you can easily mass import customers into the Relationships section on TradeGecko via spreadsheet! If you already have an existing list of suppliers or customers, just download our import template and fill in the information, hit ‘Upload’ and you’re done.

Read this support article for the step by step guide on importing your contacts via spreadsheet.

4. Amazon Integration

Although it’s not out yet, we’ve started testing a new Amazon Storefront integration, if you sell on Amazon or would like to start selling, get in touch ASAP at

5. Performance

On top of all these new features we’re constantly making tweaks under the hood to make the existing experience even better.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve made some tweaks to speed things up on the Stock Control page and turned on gzipping across the whole of our API.

That’s all we’ve got time for today folks, stay tuned for the next update!

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