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Purchase order landed costs with TradeGecko

Accurately calculate landed costs of products with TradeGecko Inventory Management. TradeGecko's Inventory Management software has always allowed the creation of a Purchase Order to easily and accurately order stock from your suppliers. With the easy addition of extra costs to Procurements / Purchase Orders on receipt of the goods you will now have accurate cost prices calculated for you across all your inventory. This will provide more accurate margin & profit/loss analysis and for easier integration with accounting systems like Xero.

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Landed Costs - Definition:

A landed cost is the total costs involved in landing a shipment of goods. Landed costs not only take into account the purchase cost of the goods but also additional costs like freight, tax levies, insurance etc. Landed costs are the total costs of the entire shipment. All costs involved in the shipment need to be accounted for. This will give you more accurate reporting and better cashflow management.

Purchase orders now include landed costs

Using Tradegecko Online Inventory Management System, products can now take into account landed costs. Purchase orders, sales orders and stock adjustments are now based on the moving average cost of your products so we can provide more accurate data for you to run your business.

Landed Costs Landed Costs on a Purchase Order
Landed Costs on a Purchase Order in TradeGecko

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