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TradeGecko hosted the second Shopify Meetup in Singapore

TradeGecko hosted the second Shopify Meetup in Singapore on Tuesday, 26th September 2017. Gaining momentum from the previous event, the meetup saw over 120 attendees including many eCommerce retailers and wholesalers.

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The evening started with Jenn Low, CEO of Wanderlust & Co, who spoke about her journey from 2009 to the present, building a global eCommerce business using Shopify as a platform. Jenn compared the advantages of using Shopify to its competitors, such as being a hosted solution and one that works great out-of-the-box. She also delved into how the TradeGecko integration with Shopify and Xero, and the many customizable features were particularly useful for her business growth too.


Three prominent speakers from the eCommerce and cloud-based solutions space also shared their insights:

Talia Richardson, Partner Manager at Shopify, advised how to optimize Shopify stores for periods of high demand. In her presentation, Talia shared tips on how to best prepare for these high sales periods, the different types of promotions business owners should consider and some new Shopify features that would help businesses to run smoothly.


Cameron Priest, CEO and co-founder of TradeGecko shared his thoughts on the ways TradeGecko complements Shopify, making it easy for merchants to stay on top of all their orders. He explained that in addition to preparing for short term growth, such as over seasonal sales periods, TradeGecko can also prepare and equip businesses for long term growth.

JJ Tan, Director at 360&5 spoke about the benefits of using Shopify, from its multiple integrations with trusted payment gateways, friendly user interface and integrated app ecosystem with many useful tools, TradeGecko being one of them. JJ also shared how 360&5 as an established Shopify expert in Singapore, helped businesses like Wanderlust & Co and many others with lookbooks and social media integrations.


After the presentations a highly engaging and interactive Q&A proceeded with the four panelists, Wanderlust and Co, 360&5, TradeGecko and Shopify, who explored questions such as “What are the biggest challenges you face in the holiday season and how do you overcome them?” and “ As a partner for eCommerce businesses, what are the campaigns that businesses generally run, and how does 360&5 come in?”.

Here is the full deck of slides from Wanderlust and Co, 360&5, TradeGecko and Shopify:

The second Shopify Meetup was a interactive and insightful evening. The growing number of attendees and the useful presentations forecast a positive outlook for future meetups.


As a parting gift we gave each attendee a useful 10 step checklist that online retailers and wholesalers could use to make sure they are ready for the upcoming holidays. Here are the first 3 tips to get you started:

  1. Choose the holidays you will participate in
  2. Develop your seasonal sales goals
  3. Determine your seasonal budget

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