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SG50: Happy birthday, Singapore!

At TradeGecko, we know that behind every successful business there are plenty of interesting stories from the people who make up that business. And being based in Singapore, we know everyone has their own reasons for loving this city: its food, its culture, its people. So in celebration of Singapore's 50th anniversary this weekend, we decided to sit down with some of our [Trade] Geckos to find out what it is exactly that we love about the city that we call home.

Here in Singapore, I’ve acquired an interesting taste for soybean milk. There’s this one special place at Tiong Bahru Market, the owner is also a tai chi master. He fills up my soybean cup in such a fluid way that it’s energizing, and there’s something spiritual about the whole process of getting an eighty cent cup of soybean milk.

- Tudor Coman, Canada


New Zealand is an amazing place to grow up. We’re very much a culture of tinkerers, we’re known for inventing all sorts of crazy things, we split the atom, we were the first to fly. We're amazing creators... but we came here because it had what we needed to start a global business.

- Bradley Priest, New Zealand


The best place on the planet, not just in Singapore, is Mustafa Centre. It's like Wal-mart on steroids. It's open 24 hours a day with like 7 floors. You can get a Monopoly board, a flashlight, a visa to India and a ceiling fan all in one visit, I love it.

- William Gilchrist, USA


I love that Singapore is so safe. I once left my laptop at the bar, came back 2 hours later and it was still there, good as new!

- Ro Walsh, South Africa


I’m from India, but I’ve moved around Asia my whole life. I’ve lived in eight countries, but if I had to pick a home, it would be Singapore. The food here in incredible, I went to college in Canada and I was like: I’m moving back to Singapore immediately because I need my chicken rice fix.

- Meghna Chand, India


My favorite thing about Singapore is the food. I love it so much, too much, I can’t get enough. I ask myself the question of which is my favorite food, and it’s between chicken rice, nasi lemak, and carrot cake, or...everything, I’ll have a little bit of everything.

- Neeta Nelson, Singapore


Singapore is incredible - everything works and I can get to work in 10 minutes. But then if I want go somewhere, it costs $50 to travel to Malaysia or $70 to go to Thailand. I love a little bit of adventure in my life, but it’s also nice to know that where you are is safe.

- Lachlan Priest, New Zealand


I'm from Croatia, and I came to Singapore two and a half years ago. I wanted to explore Asia, and I got a job offer here. I stayed because things are moving fast, the community and environment are inspiring. To start an entrepreneurial journey, I think Asia is the place to be.

- Marko Martinis, Croatia


Chili Crab.

- Kai Wang, China


I’m from England and the main difference between there and Singapore is lifestyle, here is totally crazy, more fun, better weather, better food, better everything.

- Craig Massingham, England


I think one of the best things about Singapore is that it has such a diverse culture. There are tons of foreign communities, and incredible diversity. When you get something like that, you have all sorts of different food, different cuisines and it’s pretty great.

- Greg Halama, USA


Singapore is a target country for Apple, so I get my Apple devices faster.

- Shekhar Raju, India


I love that Singapore is a really green city. I love Gardens by the Bay, the Botanic Gardens, East Coast Park and being in a city, but not being in a concrete jungle. I particularly love Botanic Gardens because of the snails. Massive big snails.

- Alex Smee, England


I can wear this hat everywhere.

- Syed Atif Husain, Dubai


[on hawker drinks in Singapore] you have....Teh Tarik, Kopi C, Kopi O, Kopi O Kosong, Ice Limon, Limon, Bandung, Milo Godzilla, Milo, Teh C, Teh P, Ice Kopi, Ice Teh...and then I’m really full of drink.

- Sebastien Stettler, South Africa


I take the convenience and accessibility of Singapore's transport system for granted. In a cab, you can get from one end of Singapore to another in an hour or so. And we have buses and MRT lines that take you to every corner of the island. We may complain when the MRT breaks down but our transportation system is really pretty awesome.

- Alicia Tsi, Singapore


Happy 50th, Singapore! With love from TradeGecko.



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