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Shopify Meetup Hong Kong March 2018

On Tuesday 20th March, 2018, TradeGecko, Shopify and Wave Commerce co-hosted the Shopify Meetup in Hong Kong. Industry experts and Shopify merchants discussed how to optimise your online store and grow the business in 2018.

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The event had a great turn out and was a huge success. The audience, mainly eCommerce merchants, were eager to learn tips on how to scale their online business in 2018. Before the speakers dove into their presentation, our MC, Akul Dewan, started the night by sharing some Shopify trivia:

  • The first Shopify store sold snowboards
  • Shopify was founded in 2004

ShopifyMeetupHK2018Alex.jpgAlex Yap, Account Manager at WaveCommerce

Alex kicked off his presentation by discussing how to optimise digital advertising and search marketing. He highlighted the difference between SEO and SEM: SEO is when you earn traffic through unpaid or free listings and SEM is when you buy traffic through paid search listings. In order to successfully grow an eCommerce business in 2018, all businesses should be optimizing SEO and SEM on Google.

Alex also went into detail on how advertising targets a different part of the buying funnel, and how SEO and advertising can be used together. Google shopping ads are currently in beta in Asia, but is predicted to have a huge impact on the market as it will allow merchants to showcase their product images on Google. This will allow consumers to easily purchase their products directly from Google. Alex concluded his presentation by discussing how businesses should prioritize their SEM advertising strategy and how they can test out these digital channels.

ShopifyMeetupHK2018Akul.jpgAkul Dewan, Partnership Manager from TradeGecko

Akul started his presentation by telling the TradeGecko story and how our company has developed over the last 6 years. He also discussed the core functionally of TradeGecko and how B2B businesses can benefit using TradeGecko’s inventory and order management software. Akul concluded with the top 3 trends that can help eCommerce businesses drive growth in 2018, which included:

  1. Online and offline convergence - Pure online retail businesses are starting to open up physical stores, such as pop-up stores, click and collect, and stocklists, to support online sales. Business owners especially in Hong Kong should be experimenting  since the retail space in Hong Kong is so expensive to setup permanently.
  1. The disruption of B2B eCommerce - The B2B eCommerce market is now 320% larger than the B2C eCommerce market. In order to scale, eCommerce business owners should be looking into wholesale as a new growth channel and  adapt their B2C experiences for B2B sales, with an online store, integrated payment gateways and tracked shipping.
  1. Prepare for Amazon’s arrival - Amazon has forever changed the eCommerce world by completing disrupting the commerce market. All eCommerce businesses should be looking at Amazon as a potential new sales channel which they can  start experimenting to sell on.


Greg Karpinski, COO from Isabella Wren

Greg shared the incredible journey of Isabella Wren and their founders desire to create tailored fashion for women. Today, Isabella Wren uses a 3D body scanner, body shape algorithms, automatic 'pattern' generators and a custom warehouse to help shoppers buy and receive clothing customised to their body fit in under 24 hours.

Justin Tan, Founder from Altanx and I'd Hike That

Justin discussed how he discovered the hiking niche and built his business around selling hiking gear, t-shirts and accessories with I'd Hike That. Justin also shared how he iterated with product designs, marketing campaigns and paid advertising to grow his business and hiking community.

ShopifyMeetupHK2018panel.jpgPhotos courtesy of Athena Lam/Piccolo Portfolios

The night concluded  with a panel discussion moderated by Akul from TradeGecko and involved: Louis Li from Shopify, Rolland Han from WaveCommerce, Justin Tan from I'd Hike That, Greg Karpinski from Isabella Wren and Austin Li from Gale Polewear. Key findings from the panel discussion included:

  • How entrepreneurs should look to build a business around what they’re passionate about and what they love
  • Marketing tools and techniques to help local businesses grow locally in Hong Kong and scale internationally
  • Shopify’s plans to better support merchants in Hong Kong and the region

Thank you to everyone who joined for the Shopify Meetup in Hong Kong . We look forward to seeing you at the next event. Please keep an eye on our events page for future details and registration links.

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