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TradeGecko Hosts Singapore’s First Shopify Meetup

Singapore’s first official Shopify meetup was hosted by TradeGecko on Thursday 15th June, 2017. With a turnout of approximately 150 attendees, the event was on par with other Shopify meetups held around the world.

The evening consisted of talks from three prominent guest speakers with expertise in the area of eCommerce and business growth. Following their presentations, attendees had the opportunity to ask the panel questions, network with each other, and enjoy complimentary French delicacies with craft beer and cider drinks.Singapore Shopify Meetup TradeGecko.jpg

A quick survey of those who registered showed that there is a growing trend among entrepreneurs to focus on eCommerce:

  • 40% attendees sell both online and offline
  • 37% attendees sell online
  • 6% attendees sell offline

Guest speakers included Mighty Jaxx, Shopify and TradeGecko:Shopify Meetup Speakers: Cameron Priest, Jackson Aw and Jason Bowman

Jackson Aw, founder and business owner at Mighty Jaxx, an independent studio which collaborates with world renowned artists to create limited edition toys and collectibles. Jackson shared his story of why he chose to take his business online, highlighting benefits such as a lower production cost to make pricing more competitive, a higher revenue margin, selling on a global scale, and the ability to expand their community. 

Jason Bowman, Asia Pacific Team Lead at Shopify Plus emphasized why business owners should create a better customer experience. Jason asked the audience to think about what they were doing to set themselves apart from their competitors. His advice was that businesses can’t compete on price anymore; they need to focus on customer experience to stand out. When a business creates an exceptional experience, their customers generally buy more often from the brand and are also loyal in the long-term.

Cameron Priest, founder and CEO at TradeGecko, spoke about our vision - to enable every commerce entrepreneur to build the business of their dreams. He encouraged everyone to create a business they love but also to automate the backend processes, which is where TradeGecko comes in.

Here are just a few ways that TradeGecko can help entrepreneurs run their business:

  • Easily integrate the software with Shopify to keep track of stock across different locations
  • Manage multiple stores in different currencies and languages
  • Create purchase orders, stock takes, track costs, and view finances in one place

Shopify_Meetup_Crowd.jpgOverall the evening was a huge success, offering a lot of valuable insights for entrepreneurs in Singapore. Here is the complete event presentation slides:

A big thank you to our sponsors:

Impact Hub - Co-working space and business community

Eastern Craft Trading - Craft beer importer & distributor

Le Saint Julien - Fine French food caterer and restaurant

And a huge shout out to the TradeGecko team who made the first Shopify Meetup possible:

Shopify Meetup hosted by TradeGecko .jpg

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