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TradeGecko is a Category Leader on GetApp for Q1 2017

TradeGecko allows business owners to focus on what makes their business grow, instead of spending valuable time on manual operations, and we’re proud to be recognized by GetApp as a Category Leader in the inventory management category!getapp category leader

GetApp is a directory site that enables businesses to discover, compare, and choose the right business applications, ranging from inventory management software, to finance & accounting software. Business owners can access customer reviews and product features to find the right software for their business, regardless of whether they’re a first-time software buyer or a business looking to make the switch from one product to another.

GetApp’s Category Leaders are determined by four main factors:

  1. User reviews – based on the number, average rating, and recency of reviews

    TradeGecko’s overall rating is 4.5 / 5, with 93% positive reviews, 97% of whom would recommend our software to a friend or colleague.

    “We are Canadian electric bike manufacturer and needed a program to manage our inventory and orders. TradeGecko is designed for wholesaling businesses. It supports multiple currencies, which is feature we need as we supply bikes to Canada and the USA. TradeGecko has an intuitive interface and integrates easily with our Shopify store and Quickbooks. The support team quickly responds to support inquiries. Fair pricing for what you get.”- Michael DeVisser, OHM Cycles

  2. Integrations – based on native integrations listed on GetApp, the availability of an API, and Zapier integration

    Our customers use Shopify, Xero, and a variety of 3PLs and shipping integrations to run their businesses. TradeGecko allows them to manage all the different aspects of their business from one dashboard - from eCommerce and accounting to inventory and order management.

    TradeGecko has an open API, which allow business owners to create customized solutions for their businesses. We also have a Zapier integration that lets you move your data from one platform to another easily, such as sending data on new contacts, invoices, fulfilments, and procurements from TradeGecko to other apps.

  3. Mobile – based on the availability and rating (from Google Play and App store) of an Android and iOS app, or the mobile responsiveness of its web app

    Mobile devices are becoming an important way for our customers to manage their business. We’re the first in our industry to develop a mobile app as part of our product, and over 50% of our customers are using TradeGecko Mobile to manage their business and sell on the go.

    Moving forward, TradeGecko Mobile now offers more than just the basic inventory features. We now offer our users access to basic reports so they can have insights into their business anywhere, anytime.

  4. Security – based on a security survey developed by GetApp, modeled on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form.

    TradeGecko offers HTTPS for all pages, which offers protection of the privacy and integrity of data. Our software also comes with encryption of sensitive data and multi-factor authentication options to ensure different permission settings for different users.

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