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TradeGecko launches B2B eCommerce platform for wholesalers

This wholesale e-Commerce marketplace is perfect for wholesalers who want to provide personalized and seamless sales processes for distributors.

Get ready to handle orders with ease and increase your wholesale sales with TradeGecko's B2B eCommerce software!

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Your B2B Online Shop

Treat the software like your wholesale e-Commerce shop where you can invite existing B2B customers to conduct business in a more efficient and pleasant way. It allows your retailers to view private displays of wholesale prices and products, and place orders for items directly.

Wave Goodbye To Work Hassles

The platform eliminates any hassle associated with unnecessary phone calls, emails, or worse, spreadsheets going back and forth between you and your distributors. Come on, these methods of conducting operations only serve to impede your processes!

Personalize The Platform & Shave Hours Off Your Work Day

You can benefit from the time saved and ease of use from deploying the software. Most importantly, the beauty of this software lies in the fact that for every B2B customer you invite onto the platform, you can control what products and prices they can see, as well as which warehouse will serve them. Your distributors then sign in to the platform and look through product offerings and prices on their own before placing the orders using the system itself – shaving hours off your work day.

Great Buying Experience For Your Distributors

On the other hand, this wholesale e-Commerce software ensures that your distributors go through a pleasant, perseonalized purchasing experience, where they look through beautiful online product catalogs featuring products and prices available to them only. They can also access their order history and check on payment and fulfilment statuses on this secure system any time.


Proudly Powered By TradeGecko

This platform is also backed and supported by TradeGecko online inventory management software, thus allowing data to sync in real time across these two systems. So when a sales order is accepted and fulfilled via the former, changes to the inventory and stock levels will be reflected in the latter – all done automatically.

It’s Free of Charge

This amazing software is complimentary for all TradeGecko users with an existing account! Implement it into your business by adding it from our Apps & Add-ons page.

“Studies have shown that average value order increases by 44% when B2B customers are migrated online. With our new B2B wholesale e-Commerce software, we hope to not just greatly streamline work and sales flow for businesses, but ultimately to exponentially power up the day-to-day efficiency of our customers as they grow their businesses in the long run,” says Cameron Priest, CEO of TradeGecko.

Since the launch of our online inventory management software in 2012, we have assisted merchants to sell and purchase goods totalling over USD850 million, with more than 515 million sales and over 353 million purchases facilitated. We aim to boost further growth for businesses by eliminating bottlenecks and outdated processes in the sales cycle.

For existing users, this platform might come across very familiar to you. The previous Online Ordering App was a beta version, and now this private B2B e-Commerce software is a drastic improvement from the former version. Now the system is a lot faster, provides a better user interface, and allows for easier product searches.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to handle orders with ease and increase your B2B sales with this private B2B e-Commerce software!

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