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Smarter, better, faster: TradeGecko's Biggest Product Updates from 2018

We’re already well into a new year and during this time it’s important to set ambitious business (and personal) goals!

Entrepreneurs and SMBs are the life-blood of every economy - you’re the superheroes that we need in order to disrupt the status quo, to breathe life into existing and new industries, and drive positive & lasting change.

With that being said, setting amazing goals for 2019 is only possible if you take the time to reflect on the previous year.

  • Did you hit your growth targets?
  • Did your products make an impact?
  • Did you strive to deliver a great customer experience?
  • Did you find ways to systematize workflows and save time?
  • Did you give back to your community?

Our overarching mission here at TradeGecko is to give businesses just like yours the commerce superpowers they need to hit their goals and deliver amazing value to their customers by making the act of running a business easy.

Every single product and feature we build into the platform is designed by listening to your feedback.

Just in case you missed them, here are some of our biggest product updates from 2018. And if you haven’t had a chance to explore all of these features yet, please do - we built them for you!

New features to make you SMARTER

Demand Forecasting (currently in Beta)


We designed Demand Forecasting in TradeGecko Intelligence to help businesses better anticipate future demand. Rather than relying on arbitrary re-order limits to ensure that merchants don’t stock out or over-order, Demand Forecasting uses statistics to make recommendations on when to re-order and how much to re-order based on sales patterns and lead times.

Learn how Demand Forecasting works.

Enhanced Intelligence Reports

We’ve created several new reports in TradeGecko Intelligence to help you make the best possible decisions with the help of data! This includes a new Invoice Report, Payment Reports, and Manufacturing Reports (Production and Wastage) to name a few.

Learn about each TradeGecko Intelligence Report.

Enhanced Price List Management

Wholesale relationships are unique. And each unique relationship often comes with its own specific pricing agreements. TradeGecko lets you manage multiple price lists and catalogs based on pre-arranged agreements with your buyers, ensuring that their experience on your TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Stores is designed specifically for them.

Learn about Price List Management.

Massive Knowledge Base Updates

The TradeGecko Knowledge Base is your one-stop-shop to take your mastery of TradeGecko to the next level. If you ever wanted to unlock your commerce superpowers, consider the knowledge base your training grounds. We’ve spent the better part of 2018 creating new articles and updating old ones to make sure you can get the most value from TradeGecko possible.

Bookmark the TradeGecko Knowledge Base.

New features to make you BETTER

Dozens of New Integrations 


Your ability to grow and scale will depend on the ease at which you can manage your business operations and supply chain, access new markets, fulfill your customers orders, and build trust. Creating an accessible and integrated ecosystem to support your growth is our goal.

Which integration do you want to unlock?

TradeGecko for Manufacturing (currently in Beta)


The Maker Movement is a strong one. In fact, so many of our customers assemble their products that we built TradeGecko for Manufacturing. Manufacturers can easily create Bills of Materials and Production Orders to manager their total inventory, from production through to fulfillment. Did I mention we can also track production run wastage and sync with your accounting ledgers?

Learn about TradeGecko for Manufacturing.

Barcode Printing


Easily create, associated and print barcodes for each of your product variants with the click of a mouse. This will make stock takes a breeze! Available for install in the TradeGecko App Store.

B2B eCommerce Store Previews

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at things through the eyes of our customers. And within TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce store, you can easily preview the store as your buyers would!

Sales Commissions

TradeGecko’s “Sales by Assignee” Report, accessible within TradeGecko Intelligence, allows you to easily track, monitor and manage commissions if you’re running a wholesale business with multiple sales reps.

Learn how it works.

API Documentation

APIs are incredible! They allow you to build apps, grow and evolve at your own pace. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever for developers to leverage TradeGecko’s APIs to build amazing things.

Visit the TradeGecko Developer Page.

New features to make you FASTER

TradeGecko Connect


Automate everything; that’s the objective of TradeGecko Connect. With it, you can easily build rule-based automation to handle a wide variety of tasks, including processing sales orders over/under a certain value, order routing, and automatically including shipping costs on all sales orders under a certain value. Available for install in the TradeGecko App Store.

Learn about TradeGecko Connect.

Stock Receiving App


The Stock Receiving App lets warehouse staff quickly and easily receive goods and update inventory instantly by scanning purchase orders and barcodes. Available for install in the TradeGecko App Store.

Learn about the Stock Receiving App.

PickPack App


PickPack app is designed for your warehouse team to streamline their workflow. It allows easy access to pending orders that need to be assembled for fulfillment. The app displays the bin location of your products allowing your warehouse team to easily locate the items within your warehouse for a seamless pick and pack process. Available for install in the TradeGecko App Store.

Learn about the PickPack App.

Reorder from Forecast Reports

Forecast reports are great. Being able to re-order inventory directly from a forecast report is even better! With TradeGecko’s Demand Forecasting functionality, you can do just that - generate Purchase Orders directly from a report with the click of a mouse.

What a year 2018 was for the team at TradeGecko, and hopefully for your business as well!

2019 will bring with it some exciting new features and functionality designed to help you and your team unlock your commerce superpowers, blow by growth targets, and scale with ease.

Watch this space.