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Webinar: How to get paid 3x faster with TradeGecko Payments

There are two common goals all businesses can agree upon: getting paid by your customers and getting paid quickly. One way to achieve these goals is to embrace the world of payment technology. With that said, we recently hosted webinar entitled, How to get paid 3x faster.

TradeGecko’s Product Manager, Evgeny Lazarenko discussed what TradeGecko Payments is, why we built it, and how TradeGecko Payments can help merchants get paid 3x faster.

Guest speaker Sophie Sakellariadis, Connect Growth Lead, Southeast Asia from Stripe, discussed what online payments are, why it is so hard to get paid as a business, and how Stripe powers TradeGecko payments.

Our other guest speaker Tracey Lambert, who is a TradeGecko customer and the owner & CEO of Skin Elegance International, discussed how TradeGecko inventory and order management software has made it is easy for her to run her skin care business and manage her inventory. She also discussed how TradeGecko Payments has saved her countless hours and enabled her business to get paid a lot faster by her customers.

payments-webinar-thumbnail.jpgWant to learn how to optimize your payment workflow and get paid faster?

TradeGecko Payments gives customers peace of mind by making it easier for them to get paid faster. Say goodbye to lengthy bank transfers and managing multiple payment platforms, and say hello to saving time and growing your business!

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