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We're just getting started - TradeGecko just raised Seed Funding

TradeGecko is an online inventory and order management platform for wholesalers and distributors. Learn More And Sign Up Now! JFDI - It’s been a long time coming baby…

We started TradeGecko under a different moniker in January of this year - with a lot of sweat and tears, and some awesome advice and mentorship from the team at JFDI. We managed to find a market, and start developing a product that customers are really starting to fall in love with.

After JFDI - a few too many months, pitching over 80 different investors (phew…) and dealing with the rigmarole that is the legal paperwork that is required…

I’m super excited, that yes, we have raised our Series Seed investment of USD$650,000 from WaveMaker Labs, Golden Gate Ventures and a few private angel investors.

Why did we raise? We’re an early stage startup, and we’re not profitable by any means. At the moment we have a lot of questions about our business - this round of investment is the fuel we need to go-a-hunting for some answers.

So what does this mean for TradeGecko!

Well we’re growing, it’s all about building momentum. You will see some awesome new features and functionality in 2013, and if you want to get on board a company that is rethinking the way that business software is designed and developed (and sold, marketed etc.,…) - we're hiring (developers, marketers, circus performers (seriously - one of our amazing developers also teaches circus…)).

Outside of that - we will keep hustling, growing our product and reach - and hopefully keep working to build something our customers really love.

FYI - I will be following this up with some posts on why TradeGecko chose Singapore - and general information on raising a round of financing here, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!

Official blog post here: TradeGecko raises USD 650,000 In Seed Funding

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