VIDEO: Inventory Management 4- How to set up an inventory management system

TradeGecko has produced a series of inventory management videos, brought to you by our very own Geckos, to delve into the basics of inventory management. To find out how to set up an inventory management system that helps you streamline and manage your business and inventory efficiently, keep watching.

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Inventory management is not just a simple process of keeping track of stock movements. When implemented properly, a good inventory management system helps you understand how well products are selling, manage relationships with suppliers and customers, and plan intellligently for the future. 

How do you make sure you are able to monitor and track sales, make informed business decisions, forecast for growth and save time while you're at it? 

Our Gecko Mitch is here to help! In the fourth video of our Inventory Management video series, Mitch walks us through the key considerations and factors you should be looking at when setting up an inventory management system. 


If you found that video helpful, we have good news - there are more on the way! In our next video, we'll be looking at economic order quantity and a few key inventory performance metrics . Stay tuned! 


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