VIDEO: Inventory Management 1 - What is inventory management?

TradeGecko has produced a series of inventory management videos, brought to you by our very own Geckos, to delve into the basics of inventory management. If you want to know what inventory management is, how to get started and how it can help your business scale, keep watching.

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Your inventory is a huge part of your company’s assets. But it can also be a liability that ties up your working capital. Having too much inventory can be just as costly as having too little.

So how do you find that perfect balance? How do you maximise sales and reduce costs? If you find yourself asking these questions, this video series is for you!

In our first video, Gecko Chachi gives us the low down on the basic definitions and concepts you need to know about inventory management:


If you found that video helpful, we have good news - there are more on the way! In our next video, we'll be looking at different types of inventory, and also discussing when it is good idea for your business to hold stock. Stay tuned! 


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Want to learn the basics of inventory management?

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