What is web based inventory management and how is it going to benefit your business?

Web based inventory management is the monitoring and maintenance of a business’ inventory levels using online software. Moving away from the errors and issues that arise with traditional methods of measuring stock levels, web based inventory management seamlessly keeps track of inventory coming in and going out of your business.

Traditionally, inventory management has been one of the most time-consuming and dreaded tasks carried out by wholesalers behind the scenes. It can be painstakingly boring and steals staff away from focusing on more important facets of the business.

In contrast, web based inventory management delivers the same results, with greater efficiency and effectiveness. As well as giving businesses back their time and manpower; web based stock management systems reduce the likelihood of human error or theft.

Why is web based inventory management important?

When it comes to inventory management, it pays to be precise. Stock is the lifeblood of your business so maintaining the right stock levels is crucial to your operations. Making the shift to a web based inventory management system is important for several reasons…

Firstly, because it accurately informs you how much stock you have on hand. With the simple click of a button, web based inventory management software can tell you whether you have enough for your forecasted sales or whether you need to order more. There’s not much use in closing sales if you’ve run out of stock and have nothing left to sell!

Secondly, web based inventory management reduces errors and the chance of ‘stock walking’. The automated and holistic nature of the software means that annoying but inevitable human errors are eliminated. Also, it’s sad but it’s true, some stock can go mysteriously missing by staff members with sticky fingers. Web based inventory management make in-house theft incredibly difficult.

Thirdly, inventory management tells you a story about your business. Unless you have records of amounts you’ve bought, amounts you’ve sold and amounts you hold, then you won’t know what sells well, what doesn’t and how you can change this to grow your business. Web based inventory management allows you to link stock levels with your point-of-sale system and/or bookkeeping software, so that you’re always aware of how you’re doing…

tradegecko_media_products-1.jpgHow can web based inventory management software help your business grow?

Web based inventory management software is efficient and effective, allowing you to manage inventory on the go and eliminate the stock errors that give you a headache.

When it comes to efficiency, web based inventory management software understands the demands of today’s fast-paced business world and puts all your inventory information right at your fingertips. With one-click generation of stock reports, complete audits and stock movement history, stock takes are a breeze for your life on the move. Log into the system on your iPad or tablet and perform stock-takes from your desk or in the back of a taxi en route to your meeting!

As well as saving you time, web based inventory management software effectively manages your inventory to reduce errors and prevent stock from going missing. Moving away from spreadsheets and the errors that come with manual data entry, stock management software measures how inventory moves through your overall business. All products and variants have an audit trail activity feed, so you know exactly what products went where, and when.

It’s a catch-22, because this effective management of inventory reduces the amount of stock takes you’ll need to perform… saving you even more time! With better stock management you can stop wasting hours ticking items off a clipboard, reduce warehouse costs and get back to the core business tasks that really deserve your time.

Dare we say it… with web based inventory management software you might even enjoy managing your stock!

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