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Best tips for training, managing and motivating wholesale sales teams

You've supplied your wholesale B2B sales team with inventory management software, a CRM platform and all of the tools they need to succeed. It's time to start generating revenue, and that is where your management skills come into play.

You want your B2B online and offline sales team to be independent in their thinking, but on the same page when it comes to company goals. You need to develop a full sales management process that will incorporate necessary training, ongoing management skills and the right way to motivate professionals.

The Advantages of an Efficient Sales Team

Inefficiency can not only slow down a sales team, but it has a direct effect on company revenue. It is estimated that the average small business wholesale sales professionalspends 50 working days each year taking care of non-essential tasks. Because of this, nearly 66 percent of all sales reps miss their annual sales quotas.

If your sales reps and your organization are both inefficient, then the problem escalates. Companies waste around an average of $3 million per year to sales reps searching for relevant sales content on inefficient company networks. The time lost searching for important sales data means less time talking to clients.

It's estimated that 65 percent of consumers rely on available sales content such as inventory numbers and sales specifications to make purchasing decisions. If sales reps spend too much time looking for sales content, and customers are unable to access that content, then inefficiency is costing your company a lot of money.

An efficient sales team using good small business inventory software is going to save your company millions of dollars each year. An efficient order management system will also increase customer satisfaction, and that will mean more orders and more customer referrals.

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Key Tips for Managing a Sales Team

Getting the most from your sales team members starts with setting the right kind of environment for your team to succeed. This means investing in effective order management software, establishing fair and clear sales territories and constantly operating under realistic expectations for each member of the team. As the manager, you need to be prepared to guide your team through difficult tasks and show your sales professionals how to achieve their goals.

If you want your sales team to be able to work together, then you need to provide it with good collaboration tools. If your sales force spends time in the field, then invest in mobile sales collaboration tools that will help your group to work together no matter where each member is located.

As a manager, the last thing you want to be to your sales team is an elevated and inaccessible figure. Since you are developing the team, you need to take on the role of a coach who is interested in developing sales talent and guiding it to success. A coach is an interactive leader who works directly with their team to improve individual performances and help the team to perform better as an overall unit.

How Training Makes Your Sales Team More Efficient

Sales training is invaluable in developing your sales team because regular training ensures that each member of your team is taught to use the same proven tactics and methods. You can look to the more productive members of your team for advice on how to create sales training sessions that offer practical and effective best practices for sales development.

Interactive sales training sessions can give you insight into the tools your team needs to become more efficient. If the CRM platform is not enabling strong sales habits, then discussing the issue at a sales training can help you to understand what needs to be changed in order to get everyone productive again.

Perhaps the most important way that a sales training makes your team more efficient is by keeping each team member up to date on the latest information. In training, you can discuss new competitor information, emerging consumer trends and the schedule for product updates and changes.

Motivating Your Sales Team

Sales professionals, by nature, are motivated people who want to achieve as much success as possible. One way to motivate your sales team is to offer them career advances that become goals to achieve. For example, you can offer team lead positions for various sales projects based on performance. 

You should never underestimate the importance of your leadership role. If you want to motivate your sales team, then you need to be enthusiastic about your team and be ready to tell them why you feel so positive about the future. Not only is this part of guiding your team's development, it is also the best way to get them to believe in their own abilities.

Wholesale sales teams work in a different type of environment than retail sales reps. If you want your B2B wholesale sales team to be productive, then you need to employ management techniques that encourage, nurture and support each member of your team.


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