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Rohr Remedy sells natural skincare made from unique Australian plants

Rohr Remedy is a natural skincare wholesaler and retailer based in Australia. Their skincare products follow the tradition of natural medication used for over a millennia by the Australian Indigenous people.

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Founded by Emily Rohr out of a passion for skincare, Rohr Remedy marries her love of the Australian bush with her work with the indigenous community in Australia. The company combines ancient knowledge with scientifically proven pharmaceutical formulas, creating unique and effective skin care products.

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As a business that sources materials from all over Australia, technology has been vital to their operations. They started to use TradeGecko because they were looking for an inventory system that would talk to all of their other online platforms such as Xero for accounting and Shopify for eCommerce.

TradeGecko just ticked every box.

They also found TradeGecko's mobile app and multi-location features helpful at trade shows where they would have to show their product range to potential customers or take orders on the go.

Emily felt that the ability to create multiple price lists was also very helpful for them as they dealt with many wholesale customers.

A great help is being able to allocate different currency price lists in TradeGecko. I can set price lists that can be applied across the board, which is really important for our branding, so it’s made us appear a lot more professional and a lot more consistent.

Watch the full case study below for more information on how TradeGecko has made Rohr Remedy's wholesale life a whole lot easier.



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