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TradeGecko partners with Stripe to launch Payments for wholesale merchants

TradeGecko, a 5-year-old Singapore-based startup, launches payments in a bid to dominate the inventory and order management systems (OMS) market for the SME wholesale industry.

Previously, wholesale merchants could spend well over 5 hours per week processing payments manually due to challenges around integrating multiple payment systems into their business processes. Starting today, wholesalers in the United States, UK, Australia, and Singapore can bill their customers in a single click without leaving TradeGecko

Every invoice from TradeGecko comes with a “Pay Invoice” function to facilitate a faster payment experience. TradeGecko Payments also gives wholesalers better operational control of their cash flow from a single dashboard that summarizes the account balance, payments, and payouts history.

“We’re excited to be able to offer a simple and intuitive payment solution to the next generation of B2B commerce merchants,” said Cameron Priest, co-founder and CEO of TradeGecko. “With TradeGecko Payments our customers will get paid faster, and spend less time chasing after overdue invoices which means more time to focus on doing what they love. We want to help our customers grow so we can grow with them.”

Future plans for TradeGecko Payments include scaling up the functionality and offering it in 25 countries. TradeGecko’s strong relationship with Stripe enables the startup to build financial products that uniquely fit wholesale payment workflows powered by Stripe’s robust API.

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“In an age of one-click purchases, it should be equally as simple to bill your customers as a wholesaler," said Piruze Sabuncu, the Head of Southeast Asia at Stripe. “We’re excited to work closely with TradeGecko to make it faster and more convenient for businesses around the world to trade with one another on the platform."

“Wholesale merchants struggle to get paid on time when they’re dealing with cross border transactions as they have to navigate traditional financial infrastructures like bank transfers and legacy payment gateways,” added Priest. “We want to put our customers at a significant advantage with TradeGecko Payments and enable our users to seamlessly transact with customers all over the world instead of spending over an hour every day reconciling payments from different sources.”

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