WHOLESALE MANAGEMENT   |   1 minute read

Let your customers buy online with the new online ordering Add-on

Let your on-account/wholesale customers order online!

Cloud computing has come into maturity in recent years and these new technologies are helping businesses streamline, connect and expedite their administrative procedures.

We at TradeGecko inspire to this innovative mindset and take a holistic approach to inventory management. We see TradeGecko as the central control system for your wholesale business.

With this holistic approach in mind we aim to develop a number of add-ons to our inventory management platform. Online Ordering is the first of these with many more to come.

Wholesale Online Ordering Add-on

Directly into your TradeGecko

Online Ordering allows your on-account customers (for example your wholesale customers) to place orders with you directly. These customers can log into Online Ordering, see your product range, create orders and even view their account history.

Orders placed through Online Ordering go directly into your TradeGecko ready for you to accept and fulfil.

Increase Your Cashflow

Strong customer relationships are vital to increasing cashflow. Online Ordering makes it easy for your customers to order new product from you as they please. It also creates transparency and trust by openly allowing them to see what stage their order it at along with their entire order history.

Getting Started

To connect Online Ordering to your TradeGecko simply visit the TradeGecko App Store and click the install button, or follow the link below: