Creating an easy online ordering experience for B2B customers is essential for ensuring repeat purchases. It can also encourage your customers to explore, and expand the variety of products they purchase. With a dedicated website for online orders, your customers are empowered to easily place orders when they want.

Xero, a leading online accounting software site for small businesses, is optimized for mobile use for business owners to run their business on the go. From reconciling and creating invoices to creating expense claims, wholesale ordering in Xero is easy. Connecting Xero to your TradeGecko account makes the B2B ordering process seamless for each customer.

Benefits of Using Xero Accounting Software

Why use accounting software such as Xero? Xero is fully integrated with your bank account, allowing ease of deposits. With all your financial information in one place, you can import bank transactions, send income reminders, and complete your accounting and receiving tasks on the same platform. Plus, Xero is sharable, so you can add your accountant or bookkeeper to your profile to handle your tax obligations.

The mobile app allows you to complete accounting tasks on any platform, making the world your virtual office. For businesses with employees, Xero payroll can create paychecks and deduct the appropriate tax and benefits monies.

Automatic reconciliation reduces the man-hours spent on manual data entry and gives you more time to source new products, keep in touch with customers, and follow up with new leads.

Building a Complete B2B Ordering Solution

Sync your Xero accounting software with other platforms, including point of sale, inventory, and eCommerce sites. TradeGecko integrates seamlessly with Xero to simplify the ordering and invoicing process, and offers an in-built B2B eCommerce platform.

Each customer can be set up with their unique website for B2B ordering, and you can select whether your customers can search only commonly ordered products or give them access to your entire catalog of items. The product account, shipping account, invoices, and payment status are all readily available on the dashboard, visible to you and your clients.

Reducing the need for manually reconciling stock and payments ensures that invoices don't fall through the cracks, that you always have the appropriate product you need for your customers, and that your finances are updated in real-time. The easier it is for your B2B customers and wholesalers to order from you, the more likely it is that you'll be their preferred vendor.

Features of TradeGecko's B2B Ordering

TradeGecko has long established itself as an easy-to-use commerce operating system. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build the business of their dreams. The philosophy of "commerce everywhere" means that many customers expect to be able to buy anything, anywhere, anytime. TradeGecko gives small and medium business owners the ability to sell millions of products across a variety of industries, including fashion and apparel brands, cosmetics, health and wellness and food and beverage amongst others.

Wholesale customers have access to a customized e-store, with their brand, custom pricing, and a simple, intuitive ordering and payment system. Each customer sees whichever products and discounts you choose, and an online catalog makes getting the correct orders easier than over the phone or through email.

TradeGecko is scalable, and with so many products, it offers B2B customers a one-stop-shop for most of their needs. A single-click payment system reduces complicated inventory and ordering practices of the past.

Integrating TradeGecko and Xero Wholesale

Now, B2B companies can take advantage of the benefits of TradeGecko and wholesale ordering in Xero in a fully integrated system. Adding TradeGecko to your Xero software offers many solutions for eCommerce businesses. With this integration, you can create invoices and purchase orders, linking your bank's information to Xero so customers can pay right away. You'll never suffer from lack of inventory, as you'll receive a daily stock information report.

Invoices from multiple sales channels can be collated into multiple spreadsheets, allowing business owners to monitor the success of certain sales venues. This can help you determine where to increase marketing and which sales channels aren't giving you a great ROI. Finally, you also receive better visibility into your profit margins, with a trackable Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) through TradeGecko.

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If you haven't worked with Xero before, you'll be amazed at how intuitive and user-friendly it is. Keeping up with invoices and ensuring timely payment is simple. You can try Xero software for free.


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