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reel skipper founders

“Our product catalog would be impossible to manage without TradeGecko.”
Reel Skipper

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Reel Skipper

When Reel Skipper hit the road to find retail partners they kept hearing the same response:

"We've been looking for something like this!"
At that time, no one was creating fishing apparel for women, yet ladies accounted for 27% of the market, it was then that they knew they were reeling in a good catch.

Their time saving advice to power growth:

“Institute a central base like TradeGecko to streamline accounting, shipping, and inventory.”

TradeGecko has given them both the tools to better manage the manufacturing process, and their sales reps an easy and efficient way to bring in orders. Ensuring they are working from one unified hub saved them considerable time, which enabled them to focus on building their business, resulting in them further expanding in to apparel for all water performance activities.


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Top features used by Reel Skipper:

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses

Inventory and purchasing

  • Automatically sync sales and purchase orders
  • Generate different types of reports for smart growth
  • Add purchase order items via a barcode scanner
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Workflow automation from production to fulfillment


  • Create Bills of Materials
  • Control batch tracking
  • Get notified of insufficient stock
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Connect to different apps on one platform

TradeGecko Integrations

  • More than 60+ apps for your commerce needs
  • Includes eCommerce, Accounting, Shipping.. and so much more!
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