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These customers have built an amazing business through creating a successful product, excelling in customer service, and by growing across multiple channels.

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“TradeGecko took our business to the next level with their B2B platform!”
Salty Raven

Salty Raven

Salty Raven had been selling shirt designs from home for a number of years…

…yet a desire to scale meant having the proper tools in place. Adding a TradeGecko B2B portal took their wholesale business to the next level whilst enabling them to stay true to their company brand.

Their time saving advice to power growth:

“Invest in a warehouse space, and turn it into a studio store where you can sell direct to consumers while using TradeGecko to manage inventory, wholesale & web orders.”

Having an easy & comprehensive system to track a wide range of stock items as they increased the number of sales channels proved to be a step change, allowing scale whilst ensuring consistent service and delivery without having to make huge capital investments.


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Top features used by Salty Raven:

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses

Inventory and purchasing

  • Automatically sync sales and purchase orders
  • Generate different types of reports for smart growth
  • Add purchase order items via a barcode scanner
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Start selling wholesale from an online store

B2B eCommerce platform

  • Sell wholesale online, privately and securely
  • Customize your store to your brand and URL
  • Set unique prices & discounts for different customers
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Connect to different apps on one platform

TradeGecko Integrations

  • More than 60+ apps for your commerce needs
  • Includes eCommerce, Accounting, Shipping.. and so much more!
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