2019 eCommerce Trends: Growth Today, Scale Tomorrow

As an emerging eCommerce brand, how can you create a competitive edge against incumbent retail giants or unforeseen competitors this year?


In this eBook we discuss a two-pronged approach for small businesses to adopt a future-focused mindset, take hold of opportunities and overcome barriers to growth in 2019.

Trends for the Doers:
Creating seamless experiences, online and off
  • eCommerce Brands as Media Companies
  • Unique Ways of Bridging the Digital / Physical Divide
  • Integrations as Automation
  • Continuing the Automation Journey with Rule-Based Automation
  • Chatbots Add a Personal Touch
Trends for the Dreamers:
New Technologies to optimize, nurture and accelerate growth
  • Augmented Reality Enhances eCommerce Experiences
  • Voice Search and what the Future of eCommerce will Sound Like
  • Premium Loyalty Programs as a Growth Driver
  • Keeping Cryptocurrencies in your Back Pocket
  • Blockchain and Authenticity