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Digital Marketing for eCommerce: Everything You Need to Know

Digital marketing has transformed the way businesses promote their brand and connect with customers. Find out how to make digital marketing work for your business with this free eBook.


Today, a sophisticated digital marketing plan is key to any business’s success. But with 48% of SMEs claiming they don’t know if their digital marketing efforts are effective, businesses need to be smarter about utilizing the right channels, setting digital marketing objectives, and tracking performance.

This eBook gives a rundown on why digital marketing is important for eCommerce businesses, and provides practical tips on:

  • Digital marketing channels and how to use them
  • Which social media channels you should be investing in
  • How to optimize your website for search engines
  • Defining digital marketing KPIs for your business
  • Measuring performance of your digital marketing efforts
  • How to handle order increases when your digital marketing efforts succeed

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