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Fashion eCommerce and retailing: A small business owner's manual for success

It is the opportunity for small business owners to disrupt fashion eCommerce. Find out how with this guide.


Table of Contents

  1. The state of fashion eCommerce and retailing
  2. Global impact and predictions for the future of fashion
  3. Meet the new fashion consumer
  4. Ethical practices and social responsibility by retailers
  5. Purchasing, planning, and execution
  6. Selling in different retail environments
  7. The inventory pricing secret sauce
  8. Advertising, merchandising, and product promotions


From a disconnected world of locales and countries, digitization has made us one global community with one shared desire: to look good. 

Smartphone adoption and social media use are both at all-time highs. Likewise, online-to-offline innovations have opened new lines of communication and customer touch points. These developments — and more — have fundamentally changed the way consumers connect with brands and what they expect.

Call it the new ‘fashion industry trifecta’ where successful brands will find a way to be profitable as fashion creators, affordable for the consumer, as well as ethical across the board.

All that means is the opportunity for small business owners to disrupt fashion eCommerce and retail has never been greater.

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