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How to get started with wholesale and distribution

Think of wholesalers as a middleman: they purchase products from distributors, and sell these to retailers.


Because wholesalers buy in bulk from distributors, they enjoy volume discounts. They can then pass these on to retailers whose sales volumes are too small to meet distributors’ minimum order requirements.

If you’re considering getting into the B2B industry as a wholesaler, this eBook will provide you with the necessary tips to get you started. At the end of the book, you’ll have plenty of actionable tips on how you can take the plunge into wholesale.


This eBook on how to get started with wholesale and distribution will cover:

  1. Getting started with wholesale
  2. How to control your wholesale brand image
  3. Considerations when finding a supplier for your wholesale business
  4. What is supply chain management for wholesale?
  5. Why wholesalers should add B2C eCommerce to their sales channels
  6. How to get started with B2C eCommerce

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