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Managing your products and orders


Inventory Control

Import or create your products inside TradeGecko to manage stock levels for each of your sales channels.

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Price Lists & Currencies

Set up custom price lists for channels, groups or individual buyers with the option of multiple currencies.

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Sales Orders

Manage and track sales orders from different channels in one place, from order through to fulfillment.

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Purchase Orders

Avoid stockouts and always hold the right amount of inventory for each sales channel by managing and automating purchasing.

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Selling and shipping



Integrate your Shopify store with TradeGecko to manage your opereations from end to end in one place.

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Integrate your WooCommerce store with TradeGecko to manage your opereations from end to end in one place.

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More Integrations

Explore the TradeGecko App Store with powerful integrations in eCommerce, Point of Sale, Marketplaces and Shipping.

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Manage your supply chain from end to end across channels and regions so you can fulfill orders faster and more efficiently.

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Accounting and operations tools


Xero & QuickBooks

Integrate your accounting platform to create invoices, track costs and report stock movements with two-way sync.

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All your customer and supplier data in one place, so you can understand behaviors and provide a personal experience.

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Accurate inventory and sales reports with real time insights into stock movements and order history.

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Mobile App

Create and manage orders on the go, plus check inventory and monitor business performacne from your pocket.

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When you subscribe to the Founder plan you get all the power of TradeGecko at an affordable price, plus full technical support from our team of inventory experts.

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  • 10 sales orders per month
  • B2B eCommerce Platform
  • Accounting integration
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  • TradeGecko Mobile app
  • TradeGecko Payments
  • TradeGecko Intelligence Reports
  • Automation

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