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eCommerce Digital Marketing Model

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  • Measure the effectiveness of your different channels today
  • Project your monthly sales from different marketing channels
  • Identify which channels you should invest in
eCommerce Digital Marketing Model

For Business Type/s: eCommerce |  Best For: Any business with online customers

As an eCommerce business owner, you can build and market your brand through different channels. As you spread your paid marketing spend on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or any other channel, you need a centralized view to measure how each channel is performing.

The eCommerce Digital Marketing Model helps you measure how well your current channels are doing. The spreadsheet also shows you where you should be spending your marketing dollars in the months to come. Optimizing your paid spends

About the eCommerce Digital Marketing Model creator:

Taylor Davidson is the founder of Foresight, which helps entrepreneurs use financial models for business decisions.

Through his template financial models and strategic advisory services, he has helped over 18,200 entrepreneurs on financial planning, projections, fundraising, and business strategy. Connect with Taylor

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