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Three great reasons why you should download our Free Inventory Management tool today:

  • Better manage your purchase orders and optimize your stock control
  • Easily track your sales orders and know your best-selling products
  • Have a real-time picture of how your business is performing
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For Business Type/s: Wholesale, Retail |  Best For: Beers, Wine & Spirits, Apparel, Jewelry

When you spend more time managing your inventory than you do growing your business, something’s not right.

Not only that, but it can also have a knock-on effect in other ways. For instance, you could be:

  • Carrying redundant stock
  • Paying unnecessary extra/higher storage costs
  • Losing much-needed sales
  • Seeing your beloved customers walk away

However, at QuickBooks Commerce, we are here to help you turn all of this around. We call it our Inventory Spreadsheet. But it does a lot more than simply store details of your inventory.

In short, it will help you to:

Manage purchase orders: Keep track of all your products. Get an overview of your current stock levels. Know the total cost of your goods.

Track sales orders: See fulfilled orders at one glance. Identify your best-selling products. Find out the total revenue generated.

Understand business performance: Generate reports automatically. See what products are moving—and not moving. Save time and effort.

So don’t delay. Download the tool today.

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