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Wholesale Cash Flow Model

Reasons to download this tool:

  • Forecast your future sales and cash flow
  • Compare the performance of your various sales channels
  • Inform your marketing budget decisions based on revenue by channel
  • Examine your return on sales

For Business Type/s: Wholesale, Retail
Best For: Any business with irregular timing or order volumes

Managing cash flow effectively is crucial to keeping any wholesale business running smoothly. Having cash available when you need it to pay bills and reinvest back into the business is also key to continued growth over the long term.

Using our free wholesale cash flow model, you can accurately estimate revenues, orders, and cash over time – giving you the insights you need to manage your business operations efficiently.

We have designed this model specifically for companies that have irregular timing or order volumes (e.g. wholesalers), and not companies that have a lot of regular, recurring, set order volumes (e.g. ecommerce retailers).

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About the Wholesale Cash Flow Model creator:

Taylor Davidson is the founder of Foresight, which helps entrepreneurs use financial models for business decisions.

Through his template financial models and strategic advisory services, he has helped over 18,200 entrepreneurs on financial planning, projections, fundraising, and business strategy. Connect with Taylor

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