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Wholesale Price Calculator

Reasons to use this tool:

  • Calculate your Wholesale and Recommended Retail Price (RRP)
  • Determine your desired price margin
  • Project monthly and yearly sales to forecast revenue and profit
  • Estimate company cash flow
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For Business Type/s: eCommerce & Wholesale  |  Best For: Wholesalers

For entrepreneurs looking to get into the wholesale business, working out your pricing strategy is the first and most important step. Using this free Wholesale Price Calculator, businesses can calculate their Wholesale and Recommended Retail Prices (RRP), and use these figures to project monthly and yearly sales, as well as estimate cash flow.

By using this free Wholesale Price Calculator you can determine the optimal selling price for your wholesale products to achieve your desired profit margin.

To use the tool, fill in the fields in the first section of the tool under "Calculate Cost Price". Once you have filled in those fields, the remaining fields to calculate wholesale price and RRP will autopopulate.

You can name each column and you can calculate the prices of multiple products by adding more columns. You can also export the list of prices into a .csv file for easy reference!

Access our free Wholesale Price Calculator today, and determine how much you could be making with your new wholesale business.

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